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GDPR and updates in primaERP

It was May 25 th , 2018 on Friday and that means, that the long awaited GDPR come into effect. Two years since the  regulation approval  the rules for data protection are finally changing, affecting not only companies but anyone who handles personal data. GDPR will make it possible for people  to have  better control over what is being done with their personal details, they will be precisely informed of what it is that the processors need their data for and it will be possible to raise a complaint against the processors, which was not possible before.   The users will also have access to the data that is being collected about them and they will be able to request a complete removal of those data from the processor’s database.    Naturally, primaERP is rea dy for the new regulations and as of  Thursday you can find the updated Terms of Service and Privacy policy as well as the new Data processing contract and the list of our processors on our website.   But that’s

10+1 ways to be more productive- III

As the week comes to an end, so does our short series. In today’s final article we will look at a few specific ways of body works and how we can make use of it. If you missed the first two parts of the series, you can find them here and here .

10+1 ways to be more productive- II

  As promised on Monday in the first part of our series , we are here with part 2! In today’s article, which will also be the one with the most tips, we will take a look at methods, which you don’t need any technology for but that will test how strong your will is. But don’t worry, it won’t be necessary to make any major changes in your life, just a few smaller steps to get you where you want to be. So what are the methods today? 1)     Setting your priorities straight It might seem that your windows are unbearably dirty and must be cleaned immediately, but are you sure that’s the case? Isn’t there something more important you should be doing?   In times when we have no time to spare it is essential to be able to determine which tasks are the ones to focus on and which ones can wait a day or two. This is where our first technique comes in- the ABC method. The goal here is to divide your tasks into 3 groups: -     A: the A group should contain tasks that are essential

10+1 ways to be more productive- I

After a short break we are back and to make up for the lost time we will not only publish one article, but a whole series! If you already are a primaERP user, being productive and having an overview of your time is without a doubt very important to you. And if you are still hesitating whether to join primaERP we hope this series will tip the scale in our favor and we will see each other in the app! The 10+1 ways to be more productive series will be divided into 3 articles, which we will be publishing throughout the whole week. Each article will focus on a different area of techniques and we believe that each of you will find some to suit your needs. Part 1, which you can read below,   sums up technical tools that can help you with organizing   your time as well as improving productivity when doing specific tasks. In the next article on Wednesday we will take a look at techniques that require no programs, apps or technology in general, but will show how strong your will is. F