Ways of creating time records in prima:Time 🕓

  Whether   you  are  our   regular  user  or  a  new   one ,  we’ll   be   looking   at   how  to  work   with   the  Time  Tracking  module.  I t  will   be   either   all   new   for   you   or   you   will   find   new   ways  in  which   our   application   will   save   you   time  and  thus   money .   Let’s   get  to  it!       Creating   a  new   time   record     Time  Tracking   allows   more   ways   of   creating  a  time   record . In  this   article ,  we   will   be   looking   at   the  Live  and   Retrospective   time   tracking       Live  time   tracking   Great  for   recording   time   taken  on  tasks   or   activities   you  are  currently   working  on.  There  are  tow   ways   how  to track  your   time  live:  using   the   stopwatch  and  using   the   impulses .       S topwatch   You’ll   find   them  in  the   right  top  corner  and  you   operate   them   with   two   buttons  Start – Pause and  Save .  After   pressing   the  Start  button , just  fil