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Hello Timetrackers! Today, we would like to explain to you, why we chose the name prima:Time and what message our logo conveys. That and more awaits you right down below, so keep on reading :-) prima:Time? We decided to change our name some time ago for a very simple reasons. The word ERP in our name could be misleading in terms of with what we’re actually working with – time. You use our app to work with it more effectively and to encrease yours, or your teams productivity. The very next reason is that the shortcut ERP is mainly used in companies that build huge software programs. We kept the first word prima , but changed ERP to Time . We’re very satisfied with our new name and we believe, that it’s gonna be less confusing for you.   Logo prima:Time Since we were already changing our name, we thought about refreshing our logo. We chose more minimalistic path and used two dots inbetween the words prima and Time. Since we’re modernizing this app for you and the modern human uses more d

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