Customer's story - Maturus, n.p.o.

Introduction (brief history, etc.) Maturus, n.p.o. is a public benefit organization specialized in the field of graphic arts. It employs creative people with disabilities. It now offers a wide range of graphic design services alongside with an eight-month training program. It helps graduates of Jedlička Institute school (school for disabled people) to work and learn graphic and computer skills under the guidance of experienced trainers. Maturus was founded in 2010 by the Jedlička Institute Foundation as part of the Vodafone Foundation's "A Year Different" programme. Immediately after its establishment, Maturus started working on various projects, for instance the agenda of New Year's cards and calendars with pictures created by students of Jedlička Institute schools. Thanks to the foundation of the social benefiting company Maturus, people with disabilities have gained employment. Question 1: What is your main mission? How do you help society? We promote the work of p

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