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GDPR and updates in primaERP

It was May 25
th, 2018 on Friday and that means, that the long awaited GDPR come into effect. Two years since the regulation approval the rules for data protection are finally changing, affecting not only companies but anyone who handles personal data. GDPR will make it possible for people to have better control over what is being done with their personal details, they will be precisely informed of what it is that the processors need their data for and it will be possible to raise a complaint against the processors, which was not possible before. 
The users will also have access to the data that is being collected about them and they will be able to request a complete removal of those data from the processor’s database.  

Naturally, primaERP is ready for the new regulations and as of Thursday you can find the updated Terms of Service and Privacy policy as well as the new Data processing contract and the list of our processors on our website. 

But that’s not all. In order for our clients to be absolutely sure that everything is under their control and all data is being handled correctly, we added several new features to the app. 

Giving consent 

We are well aware that our clients have clients of their own from whom they will need a consent for processing their personal data. That is why we added a new box in the Client management, where you can select the date when the client’s consent will expire.  

If you then want to see, which of your clients’ consents are already invalid, which are still possible to use and who gave you no consent at all, all you need to do is use the new option in filtering the results. 


The “Delete” option can be found in the client management part of the app, just like the following two options. The deletion of a client is only possible, if there is no project assigned to this person. If the client is taking part in one of your project and you would like to delete them, edit the project first and remove this person from cooperation on this project. Then there’s nothing stopping you from deleting the client from your list.  
If you had a client assigned to a task that is not associated to any project, you can delete the client and the task will remain unchanged. 
This is not a new feature, we are including it in our article for a better comparison with the other methods. 

If you want to delete everything connected to the client, including projects, tasks and bills, you will most probably use the following new feature. 


Right next to the Delete button you can find the option to “Forget” a client. If you decide to go with this option in the process of removing a client, you will delete not only the client and information about him, but also all the projects they were a part of, their price lists, their bill and all the tasks they were included in. 
 This option is irreversible, that’s why we recommend you consider it carefully before making the final decision. 


It might happen, that you will have a client, whose consent has already expired, but there are projects connected to them that you don’t want to lose. In this case, the perfect solution is to “anonymize” the client. All the information about the client will be deleted except for the name, which will be replaced by a string of numbers and letters, making it impossible to identify the person. However, their projects and bills will remain untouched, only the clients name will appear different. 
Just like “Forget”, the “Anonymize” function too is irreversible. We advise caution in this case as well. 

We hope that the new features will help you in your work and will make the new regulations easier to follow. 


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As of January 2022, there is no specific information about GDPR compliance in PrimaERP software. To find reviews or comments, review official documentation, explore user forums or community groups, contact PrimaERP Support, check business software review sites, and explore social media platforms for posts, comments, or discussions related to PrimaERP updates and GDPR compliance. Be specific about the aspects of GDPR and updates you are interested in and reach out directly to PrimaERP's support or community forums for accurate and up-to-date information. Commercial Contract Disputes
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Great to see primaERP adapting to GDPR changes! The new features like 'Giving Consent,' 'Delete,' 'Forget,' and 'Anonymize' showcase a commitment to user control and data protection. Kudos for staying ahead of compliance
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PrimaERP has updated its platform to comply with GDPR regulations, enhancing data encryption and user consent management. This move demonstrates PrimaERP's commitment to user privacy and data protection, solidifying its reputation as a reliable time tracking solution. Judgment of Divorce New York
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PrimaERP is committed to GDPR compliance, ensuring the protection of user data and privacy. Updates to primaERP reflect ongoing efforts to enhance data security measures and align with GDPR requirements. Users can expect robust data encryption, transparent data handling practices, and user-friendly privacy controls to safeguard their information while using primaERP.
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Thank you for providing such insightful updates on GDPR and its implications for primaERP users. Staying informed about regulatory changes is crucial, and your clear explanation of how primaERP is adapting to ensure compliance is greatly appreciated. It's reassuring to know that the platform prioritizes data protection and privacy, allowing users to confidently manage their time and resources while adhering to legal requirements. Looking forward to continued transparency and innovation from primaERP in this ever-evolving landscape.
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