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25% of your money down the drain – how poor time management affects results

A survey conducted by America Online and found out that the average worker in the US devotes around two hours of the working day to non-productive activities. This means around 10 hours per week. How do you feel about it? Despite all the effort, getting up early, meeting tight deadlines, a quarter of your hard-earned money disappears down the drain without you even noticing. A year has 52 weeks, so the total is 520 hours per year. This corresponds to more than three weeks of work. If you are a manager you most likely know the hourly cost of an employee and if you do the math... You would better be sitting.

Time management for up-and-coming freelancers

"People think that the hardest thing in the life of a freelancer is to get a contract. Actually, the most difficult thing is to refuse it” tweeted Czech social networking guru Michelle Losekoot . The 88-character tweet managed to summarize the essence of the problem, which sooner or later most individual entrepreneurs on the right path to success will have to face. Taken by the euphoria of seeing their goal on the road of fulfillment, freelancers tend to accept whatever comes their way. They develop the tendency to see refused work as lost money and acknowledge no boundaries concerning what is realistically doable. Does that remind you of something?

Why you should work for free!

You might remember our article from a couple of weeks ago, where we gave you some reasons why you should never work for free. However, there are always more sides to a story and we thought it would be a good idea to see this topic also from another point of view.