Customer's story - Maturus, n.p.o.

Introduction (brief history, etc.)

Maturus, n.p.o. is a public benefit organization specialized in the field of graphic arts. It employs creative people with disabilities. It now offers a wide range of graphic design services alongside with an eight-month training program. It helps graduates of Jedlička Institute school (school for disabled people) to work and learn graphic and computer skills under the guidance of experienced trainers.

Maturus was founded in 2010 by the Jedlička Institute Foundation as part of the Vodafone Foundation's "A Year Different" programme. Immediately after its establishment, Maturus started working on various projects, for instance the agenda of New Year's cards and calendars with pictures created by students of Jedlička Institute schools. Thanks to the foundation of the social benefiting company Maturus, people with disabilities have gained employment.

Question 1: What is your main mission? How do you help society?

We promote the work of people with disabilities and the principles of social entrepreneurship. We give opportunities to people with disabilities to work in the open labor market. Furthermore, we believe that through our work we inspire society towards the idea that working with joy changes not only a person's inner environment, but also society as a whole.

Question 2: What projects are you currently working on? How do you see Maturus in the future?

We work for large corporate companies as well as smaller ones. At the moment, we are working on, for example, graphic design of printed materials for banks and insurance companies, production of calendars, preparation of Christmas catalogue, etc. We also have an ongoing training programme. We hope we’ll be able to grow in numbers at Maturus in the future.

Question 3: In June, prima:Time became your go-to software. How does prima:Time make your job easier?

The prima:Time application helps us to monitor our productivity, to plan and organize projects, and also to communicate with our clients. Thanks to the clear layout of the application and its ease of use, our overall workflow is much better.

Question 4: Final question: how can our readers help you further?

The best way for readers to help us is by giving us work. Just email produkce@maturus.cz or call us at +420 773 188 400.