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Over a year ago, working from home became the new normal. Therefore, we thought it could be a good idea to look at some tips on how to lead your team rather virtually than in person. Did you know it’s essential to have a little sit down with your team over coffee, among other thing? Keep on reading, and you’ll find out why, how to successfully lead your team. Plan, plan, plan For you as a leader, it’s more challenging to lead your team virtually. Assigning tasks and communication is more difficult compared to the option of quickly resolving possible misunderstandings with your team members sittings right next to you. Make clear what you’re going to work on. Set short-term goals that your team can complete within a few weeks. Furthermore, plan with every member of your team individually, what time will he be available to contact him. Working from home offers a unique opportunity to organize your time according to your plans or when you know you’re the most productive. Communicate with y

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Would you like to see a summary of your projects in a blink of an eye just by opening your favorite dashboard? Check out our new feature! Projects overview Projects overview was added to Calendar , Agenda and Timesheet dashboards. It shows a sum of all the hours and minutes spent on your projects. How to use Project Overview: Click on the project name in order to open Project Settings. Click on Project duration to open all records attached to this project. Move your cursor over any chart to see each project´s overall time percentage . In case you have more projects, simply scroll down and see them all in overview . Automatic page resizing No need to press F5 / refresh button anymore, after resizing or zooming your browser window. Try it out! 🙌 Your prima:Team

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Thanks to the user feedback, we are able to continuously improve and fix the app, so the users can use it with the highest degree of comfort. New colors and improved contrast As you probably already noticed the colours of projects got brighter and thus the readablity improved. Furthermore, we have put a bigger contrast on time records that are consecutive after each other, so the users can immediately distinguish between them. Team Month view is back The individual time records of the users got fixed and can be seen properly from now on. Improved user experience We improved the Create Time Record window for users with smaller screens. From now on the users do not need to scroll down anymore in order to save the time records. Furthermore, the issue with long project and task names was fixed The calendar got improved for users using Sunday as starting day of the week Thanks to our users' feedback and to our work, we are continuously trying to improve the value of our product Team ove