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You might have already understood from the title what today's article will be about. It has been a  couple of days,  since we gave you a little hint some changes are coming. The most important things, that await us, are summarized in this article. Keep on reading…  

8 mistakes that result in not having enough time

Time Management in the eyes of the  prima TEAM In the 21st century the previously universally accepted equation "time = money" got serious cracks. It is not possible to earn, save, borrow or steal time. It is difficult to measure the value of time and, therefore, proper time management becomes the alpha and omega of not only managers, but for everyone who wants to achieve something in life – as an example, managing your work and taking care of your family at the same time.  If you are also thinking about how to invest your time properly, try reading our article. We have a couple of reflections about the most common mistakes people make when managing the most valuable thing they have: their time.

Useful tools for a remote team

Nowadays more and more people work on home office and in remote teams. We have been working like that for a long time, so we would like to share our tips for useful software and apps that will help you to work remotely more efficiently. The software are presented in no particular order and they are neither the only nor the most important we use. Most of the listed applications are those we use more often and more intensely on a daily basis.