primaERP facelifted: What's new? - Show me prima:Time series

You might have already understood from the title what today's article will be about. It has been a couple of days, since we gave you a little hint some changes are coming. The most important things, that await us, are summarized in this article. Keep on reading… 

Last year made us change a lot of things and habits. Out of nowhere, we replaced an office for a couch, a desk or even a dining room. Communication is mostly carried out online, as are our visits to acquaintances, which have either been cancelled altogether or limited to the online communication. That is why we have decided to make a big change, that would improve the difficulties of today's covid era. We would like to introduce you the biggest news.  

The first one is that the app is going through a so-called facelift. A new, more attractive and clearer design awaits you. We have optimized the performance of the entire app and are preparing additional features that would make working with the app more enjoyable.  

The second biggest news is the new name of our app. PrimaERP is becoming prima:Time. We wanted to change the name for a long time, and we are convinced that we have chosen the best one for the app. The new logo and visuals, which we are looking forward to showing to you, also apply to this.

We would like to thank you for your support. In the next article, we will show you in detail what the new app is going to look like and at the same time present you the new facelift in detail.  
Your prima:Time team 🕓


I and my team appreciate the great work you are doing here at primaerp. God bless you.
Jylia said…
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jenna page said…
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joellreyy87 said…
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Emma Mia said…
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