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Thanks to the user feedback, we are able to continuously improve and fix the app, so the users can use it with the highest degree of comfort.

New colors and improved contrast

As you probably already noticed the colours of projects got brighter and thus the readablity improved. Furthermore, we have put a bigger contrast on time records that are consecutive after each other, so the users can immediately distinguish between them.

Team Month view is back

The individual time records of the users got fixed and can be seen properly from now on.

Improved user experience

  • We improved the Create Time Record window for users with smaller screens. From now on the users do not need to scroll down anymore in order to save the time records.

  • Furthermore, the issue with long project and task names was fixed

  • The calendar got improved for users using Sunday as starting day of the week

  • Thanks to our users' feedback and to our work, we are continuously trying to improve the value of our product

Team overview table - items per page up to 2000

"Select all" and approve your activities or batch tasks with a single click. We've increased the item visualization limit per page from 200 to 2000.

Is there anything we can improve?

Let us know at: development@primatime.com and we will do our best to enhance the app 🙌.


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