Pricing is one of the main features of primaERP BILLING, which allows users to have full control over the price of the work by setting it using different criteria. It can be  used for the pricing of each project, task, client, user and activity based on the pricing level and its priorities.

Basic pricing levels

This uses the basic pricing combination to price a time record. The basis pricing level fields can work together with any of the specific pricing levels in order to define a price.There are 3 basic pricing levels:
  • L0 – Account Level: This sets the default account price.
  • L1 – Activities Level: This sets the price for the activities used in the TIME TRACKING module.
  • L2 – Users Level: This sets a price for a user or a combination of user + activity.

Specific pricing levels

This allows users to set a special price for a specific client, project or task. It can be used together with the basic pricing fields to define a price. Be aware that each combination generates 4 sub-levels and each of them has a different priority. There are 3 specific pricing levels:
  • L3 – Client Level: Set a price to all of the projects related with a specific client unless a project or task has its own specified price.
  • L4 – Project Level: Set a price for a project unless a task of the project has its own specified price.
  • L5 – Task Level: Set a price for a task.

Pricing priorities

The higher level has higher priorities. The table below shows the pricing level, its combinations and priorities:
L0X16Default account price
L1X15Activities Level
L2X14Users Level
L3X12Client Level
L4X8Project Level
L5X4Task Level


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