primaERP news: better and easier project & client tracking and improved team overview

We have released a new version of primaERP with a few cool new features and several improvements, especially for those, who want their account perfectly organized and fast to work with - account administrators and owners, listen carefully!


Codes for projects, clients and activities

Your projects can be identified by a series of codes, which makes them easier to be handled. This feature can be especially helpful for large teams or for those who have several projects with similar names. In order use the codes, do as follows:
1. Take the cursor of your mouse to “MANAGE” and select “Projects” in the sub-menu:

2. Click on the text for which you want to apply a code.
3. Fill in the code in the designated field:

Now you can order and filter your projects, clients and activities everywhere in the app since the code will be shown as prefix with the project. All you need to do is type in the code in the “Project” field.

Select a Client on a Time record

You no longer have to create projects if you don´t want to. With the new version you can link clients directly to a time record. 

Budgets for Tasks

Similar to the budget and time plan for projects, this feature will enable you to also set your budget and plan for the tasks of the project. Just go to the list of projects, select one, and click on tasks. There you will be able to set the budget and time plan, either when you create or edit a task:

You will also be able to compare the actual time/money to the planned time/budget in the list of the tasks.

The Team Calendar, a global view of the account’s time records

The team dashboard allows account admins and owners to have an overview of the team’s activity in a calendar format. It has been a much-requested feature and it is a very good tool to view the volume and frequency of work related to particular projects, users, etc.

1. In order to view it, take the cursor of your mouse to “DASHBOARD” and pick “Team calendar” in the sub-menu:

2. Use the filter to the left in order to select which time records you want to have displayed and click on the “APPLY” button.

3. You will then be presented with a graphical view of your team’s activity: 

Project colors in the Impulse panel

Impulses will be indexed by the colour of the project they belong to, if any. Makes it easier and faster to identify your daily tasks. 

To finish, in case you have not notice, the system’s performance has been improved and now the application is much faster.

We will carry on improving primaERP, as usual. Thanks for being aboard!


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