New Year, New Features

Over the holidays, we stayed busy and added some useful features, which we think will make your work much quicker and easier, a step toward our (and maybe your) New Year’s resolution to fulfill.

You can now e-mail your bills as well as the complete report directly from the app! No need to download, save and then send it. With just one click you can send the report with a personalized message to your client as well as your team members:

Also, we created some keyboard short cuts, which will help you track your time and manage the account in a much quicker and efficient way. By entering “?” anywhere on the page, you will have an overview of the shortcuts.  

Then, wherever you are in the app, you can enter the short cuts and the command will happen. For example, by entering “tt”, the time record window will open to track your time.

We also improved the process of marking tasks as complete- just select the ones you want and with one click, they are marked as done.

Go ahead and try it out. We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements!

Your primaTEAM!


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