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Hello Time:trackers! We would like to explain to you, why we chose the name prima:Time and what message our logo conveys. That and more awaits you right down below, so keep on reading :-)


We decided to change the brand name for a very simple reasons. The word ERP in our name could be misleading in terms of with what we’re actually working with – time. Our Users use the app to be more effective at what they do and to increase their productivity. The very next reason is that the abbreviation"ERP" is mainly used by companies that develop huge software programs. We kept the first word prima, but changed ERP to Time.

The prima:Time Logo 

Since we were already changing our name, it was necessary to refresh our logo as well. We chose a more minimalistic design - using two red dots that were put in between the words prima and Time. People nowadays mostly work with digital time, that’s what the two dots represent.  The colors were retained, which means Swiss red and dark gray. 

The Facelift

The biggest change for you as a user is going to be the new design of our app. Nowadays, people pay attention more to first impressions, rather than what features the app offers and in what way it can help them. For that reason, we invested time and resources into modernization of our app, so it’s as attractive as it’s easy to use, and most importantly, so it’s helpful to you. 

What do you think about the improvements? Do you like the new design of our app? Write your comments below or right here:

Your prima:Team



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