Welcome prima:Time, say good bye to primaERP πŸ™Œ

Dear users, 

Starting April 30th2021 at 23:59 CET, the original primaERP application will be continuously phased out and replaced by the new prima:Time application. All data remain the same for you and have been transferred automatically. 


The prima:Time application will be available until May 31st free of charge. All subscriptions still purchased in the primaERP application have been transferred and correspond to the prepaid time. Mobile applications will continue to work in prima:Time as they have done until now. 


Automatic renewal of all original subscriptions purchased in primaERP has been stopped. You can purchase new subscriptions in the prima:Time application on the Accesses & Subscriptions page, see the FAQs. 


We are constantly developing the product so that you can work with iwell. We are currently working on the following improvements: 


  • - User interface, UX enhancements based on user feedback 

  • - Advanced filtering in Time Tracking, keyboard shortcuts, speed optimization 

  • - Application development for Android and iOS 

  • - Enrichment of the Attendance module 

  • - Adding cost management and advanced graphical reports 

How to get to prima:Time?

If you need any assistance or would like to share your ideas with us, contact us via e-mail info@primatime.com and we'll look into it. We appreciate any feedback. 


Your prima:Team πŸ•“


Brightman and Bocelli collaborated on a version, which was released on the CD Time to Say Goodbye, and featured Brightman singing in German and Bocelli singing in Italian.
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