Short on Time?

Time2Grow #1

Time travelers usually don't have a lot of time management issues
Damn the paradox! Full speed ahead!

Apart from time travelers - which are a very rare type of people - we all get the same 24 hours a daySimilarly, monks, hermits and lone wolves are usually the only ones capable of freeing themselves without delay from the most ordinary types of everyday hassles and many other kinds of not-so-fun responsibilities.

Monks and hermits have no special reason to track their time
Ain't it cool to shave your head...?

So, what does this leaves us with?😕 Well... with an overwhelming majority of people having exactly the same amount of time in hand as you do, and – most likely – the same unexceptional daily chores and struggles...

All people have their own daily struggles, you're not special
Same "stuff", different day...

We’re not all that different, although some may try to convince you otherwise. Especially time lords. They’re the worst. Speaking of which… never trust a time lordHave you ever met one? 

Full temporal perceptionbeing able to observe the past, the present and the future… in any timestream. Hmmm. Or, at least, this is what they claim. 

Don't worry, we're sane people 😉 ...just go on reading, come on.

Full temporal perception is a super-power which would come very in handy for all of us, wouldn’t it?  Highly unlikely to happen, though. You’ll never meet an authentic time lord and that’s why you shouldn’t trust them. 

Well-mannered people, but a bit shifty. Elusive, even. Untrustworthy when it comes to good advice, but always showing up on time for an easy opinion. Maybe you've met one, after all.

Time lords could help you managing your time much better
You should do "this" instead of "that"...

Hmmm. We wonder. Imagine all the insights they could provide us, especially in our line of business (time management)... if only they were for real”.

No one will ever understand the reasons why you chose to do one thing instead of the other, except yourself. 😎

We somehow digress in a playful way just because we unquestionably love the topic of #TIME and we are not embarrassed to show it. 

TIME is a serious matter and there’s no super-power that will ever enable you to create more than that which you already have nor a special formula which will magically make you waste less time with random (although sometimes absolutely necessary!) mundane activities.

Unfortunately (or not), we aren’t time lords... nor are we exactly timekeepers, concomitantly. We simply enjoy helping others realize WHEN or WHY might be the right time to DO their next thing. May it be big or small.

You see, most of us, earthling individuals, are doing just fine. At the end of the day, nearly everyone around you is. So, first of all, RELAX. Yes, even those who complain a lot about everything, being SHORT OF TIME at the top of many, many (really many!) lists, are fine.

Especially those, we’d say. They’re fine. So don’t worry yourself (too much, at least). And again – yes – we know you hear them whine all the time.

Complaining all the time is a complete waste of time
Nooooooo! It's not "fair"!

They’re “too busy”, right? They’re “too tired”. Angry, even. They can’t be bothered! I’ve tried it before”, they say.

Well, that didn’t work out very well, did it? 😏

Do you want to learn a new trick? This may help you to #deconstruct a certain type of social performance which we believe that should be avoided at any cost:

Observe closely - by asking them directly, for example - 😉 - what would these broad-spectrum complainers - in fact – be willing to DO in order to alter their challenging situation. You’d be surprised with their answers.

Wishes, objections and demands are not quite the same thing as good ideas and practical solutions. No actions taken? No compromise reached (just moaning... and moaning...).

Good ideas and amazing solutions also need time to grow voilà!

Do you hear the most thriving people around you complaining? Instead of carping and grumbling, maybe (maybe!) they took some actual steps in order to change some of the things they weren’t REALLY happy about.

Or maybe they've always been some sort of lucky devils all their live. Nonetheless, they complain less (and that's good). Moving on.

Again, we’re not all that different! 

The thing is that instead of giving in, some just keep their head clear, their mouth closed and never give up until they find a way. One way is enough. Your way.

Never give up, find your own way, make your own time
To my own rescue!

Trying is really (really!) good, but learning how to do things efficiently is much, much better. 

Always easier said than done, right? 

We understand that. And that’s part of our job, here @ primaTime: also to show you, apart from why and when, HOW it can be done.

And in that case, what are YOU going to do about it?

Alongside some other well-known excuses …which normally facilitate the process of carrying on doing nothing…, we must surely understand that some of us may lack a clear perception about what real priorities - in fact - are. Or maybe some of us are simply being unable to accommodate those priorities in our everyday life. They don’t fit in!

Understanding how to create an efficient agenda can be a very tricky task

 ...but don't they, though? 

We hear you. And that is, in our view, one of the biggest issues here. Remember this: big issues feed on small issues. Like everything else... except maybe for a few snakes. And most likely a couple of spiders. Oh, and that weird praying mantis thingy too. Yikes. There's always an exception for everything.

Anyway, reccaping: here we are and - timewise - you don’t exactly appreciate the current state of affairs, but you can’t really see a way out, especially due to "well identified" time constraints.

Yes, we know. You'd really like to solve this but… you lack the time!  Right.

Family, work, pets and no time for anything else. How to solve this?
Family... work... pets... oh my goodness!

All sorts of serious commitments. And you are NOT a promise-breaker. SUPER. We need that attitude. 

But in that case, fear not! Sooner or later, your original life project shall prevail. It has to!

Nonetheless, what are you going to do about it? – this is what we want you to ask yourself, first and foremost. Because it's better when we ask ourselves an hard question instead of being forever in search for an easy answer.

Will you surrender to a couple of – fixable common miscalculations, or are you willing to hear it from the PROS?

Take control of your own time and become your own superhero
A primatime hero is something to be...

So here’s an important thought: if you'd really like to learn it, to earn it, to know how it works, or merely want to start doing it by yourself, then first determine - honestly - HOW MUCH you really want “it”.

You want "it" a lot? Start doing what you want then, once and for all. We can assure you that this is possible. How... so? - you may (and should) now ask. 

Trust us. This is what we do and this is what we can offer you, actually in our mutual interest: help you to manage your time much better, not only by offering you a top-notch Time Tracking app (allowing you to focus on "doing it" instead of on "what to do next") but also by being here for you, paying extra attention to our user's comments, questions, suggestions and expectations. Trying to establish a strong relationship with our customers. Caring about your #Time.

It is not difficult to learn techniques to reconcile all your important daily tasks
Keep it coming!

Sincerely, for us to continue to thrive, it’s very important that you also succeed. And, if possible, by our side. We want you to succeed on a personal and professional level, especially when these two spheres of life became increasingly connected in the post-pandemic world. 

There has been a "reset" in many areas of society, on how things get done and organized, and we truly believe that learning how to handle and schedule your daily tasks in this new model will create the necessary space to incorporate a couple of new things in your life too.

Work-life balance can be achieved with better time management skills
I'm ready, baby!

Yes, we think this is the right moment for you to identify the root of your time management problems.

With all this in mind, in case you want to embark with us on this time travel around your own world, a world of real-life projects and activities, we promise to offer you, at least, a few real-time solutions.

Now, homework. Try to answer to the following question without any hesitation: Are your life priorities aligned with your life goals?

Setting goals and establishing priorities are two very different things
Goals and priorities are two very different things...

More on this topic very soon! 😊

Take control of your own #TIME and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

It's... #Time2Grow!


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It's the end of another busy workday, and despite your early arrival and late departure, you don't feel as though you accomplished anything.
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