Welcome prima:Time, say good bye to primaERP 🙌

Dear users,   Starting  April 30 th ,  2021  at 23:59 CET, the original  primaERP  application will be  continuously phased out  and  replaced by  the new  prima:Time  application .  All data remain the same for you and ha ve  been transferred automatically.       The  prima:Time  application will be available until May 31 st   free of charge. All  subs criptions   still  purchased  in the  primaERP  application have been transferred and correspond to the prepaid time. Mobile applications will continue to work  in  prima:Time  as  they  have done  until now .       Automatic renewal of all original subscriptions   purchased  in  primaERP  has been stopped. You can purchase new subscriptions in the  prima:Time  application on the  Accesses & Subscriptions  page, see the FAQ s .       We are constantly developing the product so that you can work with i t  well . We are currently working on the following improvements:       - User interface, UX enhancements based on user  feedback   -

Show me prima:Time Series - primaERP? prima:Time!

Hello Time:trackers! We would like to explain to you, why we chose the name prima:Time and what message our logo conveys. That and more awaits you right down below, so keep on reading :-) prima:Time? We decided to change the brand name for a very simple reasons. The word ERP in our name could be misleading in terms of with what we’re actually working with – time. Our Users use the app to be more effective at what they do and to increase their productivity. The very next reason is that the abbreviation"ERP" is mainly used by companies that develop huge software programs. We kept the first word prima , but changed ERP to Time . The prima:Time  Logo  Since we were already changing our name, it was necessary to refresh our logo as well. We chose a more minimalistic design - using two red dots that were put in between the words prima and Time. People nowadays mostly  work   with digital time, that’s what the two dots represent.  The colors were retained, which means Swiss red and

prima:Time released 🙌

Dear primaERP user, We have just released the prima:Time app, which will completely replace the primaERP application within a month.  You can try out the new app on our websites with same login credentials as you are using on primaERP. From now until April 30th, you can use both applications with the same data at the same time. The time records created in one app will be automatically created in the other application as well. All the data remain the same.   The complete closure of the original application primaERP will occur on May 1st. From this date on, you will only be able to use the prima:Time app.   All the existing subscriptions have been transferred to prima:Time and have been extended until May 31st for free. The automatic subscription renewal has been stopped for all the original primaERP subscriptions. This means that after the free trial ends, you will be asked to purchase new accesses in the prima:Time application. To purchase accesses, please use the Ac